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What are cataracts?

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Cataracts are a common eye condition.

With age the natural lens changes and can become cloudy and vision may become impaired.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common worldwide surgical procedures, with millions of cataract and lens exchange surgeries conducted every year.

The Procedure...

  • The same day case procedure aims to address the visual limitations currently experienced.

  • Anesthetic is used to numb the eye with little or no discomfort felt during the procedure.

  • The natural lens is removed & replaced with an artificial lens, specifically to meet your needs.

  • Post-surgery, some patients experience mild itching, discomfort or temporary blurred vision.

  • Usually, improved vision is experienced shortly after.

  • Within a week of surgery, most people have returned to normal activities.

  • Optimum results tend to be evident several weeks after surgery.

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