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The ClearView™ Multifocal lens is designed to mimic the natural lens. it provides excellent distance, intermediate and near vision, which leads to greater spectacle independence.

Patients results and data in U.S clinical trials, demonstrate high levels of success across the full visual range for distance, intermediate and near, allowing the majority of patients to complete daily tasks with freedom from glasses.

The ClearView™ Multifocal lens could help you live your life with a clear view once again

Why choose ClearView?

Corrective measures for cataracts involve removing the eyes natural lens and in its place positioning a high-tech intraocular lens (IOL).


Similar to your glasses, ClearView™ is the only Multifocal lens available in quarter diopter increments, allowing your surgeon more options to customize your vision. 

Professional, high specification cameras and lenses use bi-aspheric lens optics to allow wider peripheral vision, visual range and depth of focus to create the clearest of images. This very same technology is used in the lens optic of the ClearView™ Multifocal IOL.

Live life with a ClearView

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